A Gift That Gives to All

At the Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation, 100% of your donations lead directly to better medical care, treatments, training, and facilities. In their moments of greatest need, people and families in our community benefit from the gifts you give – and legacy giving provides an excellent opportunity to leave a lasting mark on many other lives.

Legacy giving – also known as planned giving – is a donation of assets, rather than income or revenue, as laid out in a donor’s will or estate plan. While this may be done in several ways, through different financial tools that can be adapted to your situation, the end result is the same: providing a last gift of hope and support for others in our community.

Whether you’re new to the idea or a lifelong donor, you can enjoy the personal and estate tax benefits legacy giving provides.

There Are Many Ways to Leave a Legacy

  • A Gift in Your Will
  • Securities
  • Gifting Life Insurance
  • Charitable Annuities
  • Gifts-in-Kind
  • Retirement Funds

Legacy Giving Resources

There are many misconceptions about how legacy giving works, but these resources can provide more information on the methods and the tax benefits involved. Consult a lawyer or estate planner for more specific questions and detailed information.

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