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Donating to the Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation is one of the best ways to see the direct impact of your generosity – and we are proud to say that 100% of the funds go back into local healthcare initiatives. From new lifesaving equipment, to cutting-edge training and research, to the simple comforts of quiet spaces where families can spend time together, all of the funds donated help improve the quality of healthcare at our hospital – and ultimately, in our community.

There are Many Ways to Give

Supporting MHDHF is easy – and you can choose the way that best suits you, from gifts-in-kind to volunteering and fundraisers.

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Current Campaigns

Giving Hope for Mental Health

We want to go further than fine. Our fundraising campaign aims to raise $500,000 for mental health awareness and facilities.

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Bassinets for Babies

The bassinet manufacturer for the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital has enhanced its safety features, and we are upgrading our supply.

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Current Needs

Greatest Needs

  • Pharmacy Refrigerator (≈ $10,000) due to changing regulations and policies more refrigerator space is required for important and controlled medications.
  • Lab centrifuge ($7,100)- the collection site requires this refrigerated centrifuge to process some specialized blood samples that used to be collected in the hospital setting. With Covid-19 keeping people out of hospital unnecessarily has become very important.
  • Ultrasound Probe Storage Cabinet ($6,000)- with an increase of infection prevention and control measures as well as an expanded area it is necessary to have an additional storage cabinet for ultrasound probes to remain sterile.
  • Recliners for parents on the Pediatric floor ($1,800) – if your child is in hospital it is really exhausting and stressful for mom and dad. A comfortable recliner to snuggle your sick child will help just a little.


Children’s Health

  • Journals and fidget toys for pediatric mental health (cost ongoing)
  • Teddy Bears for all children in emerg and lab (cost ongoing)
  • Fabian therapy ($29,000) This is a revolution in respiratory care equipment needed in the NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Fabian Evolution Therapy cares for infants with respiratory disease and is an essential item to give the best care to our patients, especially the young and fragile.

Mental Health

  • Beds for 5N (≈$8,000 each) The current beds on our mental health unit are crank beds and not electric. We would like to upgrade the entire unit to more comfortable and safe electric mental health beds. This would benefit both the patients who are healing and the staff who provide care.

Seniors Health

  • Thermometers ($550). Covid- 19 has made the ability to do constant temperature monitoring extremely important throughout the hospital environment. The 2 N department requires 2 more to make the work more efficient.
  • Washer and Dryer ($1,600). Senior patients rehabilitating on the unit must learn to perform normal duties again as if they were home. Part of this is doing their laundry and the current washer is broken down
  • Bariatric Sling ($876)  This is extremely important for staff and patient safety. Currently they have to borrow one if they have a bariatric patient on the unit.

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