Gregor Markie

Gregor Markie is nine years old and suffers from epilepsy. He was diagnosed seven years ago. He has had multiple MRI’s and EEGs, sees a neurologist, a headache specialist (due to his migraines), and a neuroscientist. Until recently, all these tests meant trips to Calgary.

The trips were grueling on Gregor and on his family. His dad works out of town, so his mom had to drive him the 3.5 hours to Calgary on her own. It was a stressful trip with many added expenses including time off of work, hotel rooms, and requiring to eat out.

Thanks to the compassion of our proud donors, we now have an EEG machine that Gregor, and others, can access right here in Medicine Hat.  Having access to services in Medicine Hat has changed the Markie family’s lives. No longer do they have to travel 7 hours in total for a test. These hours are now the gift of family time.

The things we buy with your donations are not just things. These things ensure that lives are made better, healthier, and happier. That is what matters most and what we are most proud to be a part of.

We are challenging Medicine Hatters to dream. We are challenging them not to settle for the basics or the bare minimum, but to set our own standard for healthcare.  We are taking it upon ourselves as an organization to rise up and call on our community to reach for greater heights in our healthcare system. We are giving our community the courage to never stop reaching for more – for themselves, for their families and friends, and for the community.

With the donations and support of the community, we believe that our dream for advanced healthcare will be realized. Together, we can achieve the impossible.