Best Day Ever!

The Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation hosts a payroll 50/50 raffle every two weeks. The staff who participate wait for the winner announcement email payday afternoons, hoping to see their name on the page.

Chelsea, an RN on 4 West, has been participating in the payroll 50/50 for approximately 5 years. Just a couple hours after her son was born at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, she checked her phone for messages and was alerted she had finally won the jackpot! When she told her husband, he said, “that’s nice,” not realizing she had won just over $2,800. He was quite pumped after he heard the amount.

For the time she remained in hospital, while her new baby was in the NICU to recover from the stress of a rough delivery, there was quite a buzz amongst the hospital staff asking if she knew she had won, and commenting how lucky she was – a baby and a 50/50 win on the same day!

When asked what she would be doing with her winnings, she quickly responded, “probably spending it on my two babies who are 14 months apart.”

Most moms would call the birth of their baby the “Best Day Ever,” but for Chelsea it was even more so. Congratulations Chelsea and thanks for sharing your story and the pictures of your two biggest wins!!