Our community is full of stories – stories that connect us all together through pain, perseverance, hope, and healing. Here, you can read some of the most impactful stories of patients throughout our region, and how the MHHF made a difference in difficult times.


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A Sensory Success

When you work in healthcare, you don’t always get to see the immediate results of the impact that you have made on someone’s life. When you do get the opportunity to receive the positive feedback, it is both heartwarming and motivating. Such was the case for Ariana Dirk who is an Occupational Therapist at MHRH. […]
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This Is My Voice

Speaking, writing, listening, and body language are various forms of communication. It helps to form relationships and express oneself in the world. Sometimes people struggle with different forms of communication. When people struggle to communicate there is help available as a software application on tablets and laptops known as Augmentative and Alternative Communication. AAC encompasses […]
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Three Generations of Philanthropists

Martha Falkenberg, her daughter Ingrid Koch, and grandson Cameron Koch (of Cactus Communications) are loyal Health Foundation supporters. Martha has been an annual donor for 19 years! They have a family rich in healthcare workers, understand the importance of good health, and have been impacted greatly by local healthcare.   Born in the Ukraine in […]
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