Of Hope

Captain Hope Triumphs

For years, Peter Hoeppner dressed up in a superhero costume and participated in marathons to raise funds for cancer research. Then ten years ago, Peter got unimaginable news, he had colon cancer. While away at work in Texas, Peter had unexpectedly lost 30 pounds in less than three months. “I thought it was the food,”…

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Margaret Hobson

Since her early years, Margaret Hobson was introduced to volunteerism as a way of life. As a teenager living in Yorkshire, she spent her Sundays at the hospital with her father, helping patients through their daily routines, “That kept up until I reached a certain age and had to get a real job,” she explains,…

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Gregor Markie

Gregor Markie is nine years old and suffers from epilepsy. He was diagnosed seven years ago. He has had multiple MRI’s and EEGs, sees a neurologist, a headache specialist (due to his migraines), and a neuroscientist. Until recently, all these tests meant trips to Calgary. The trips were grueling on Gregor and on his family….

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