My COVID-19 experience

Anonymous Statement from a Nurse working at the Medicine Hat & Regional Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this moment of time where the world has slowed down and people are encouraged to stay at home, have good hygiene and social distance, I feel like kindness also needs to be a priority. My heart breaks for those who are passing away and can only have one visitor at a time with no emotional support for the family as they watch their loved one take their last breaths. My heart breaks for the woman admitted with an ectopic pregnancy and has to go through an emotional roller coaster without her partner or for the parents of a baby who has to choose which one will stay with their new bundle of joy. My heart breaks for the elderly person who doesn’t know how to Facetime (I have spent time with helping and teaching them). This is a scary time for everyone and genuine kindness from one human to another is so crucial. I hear that parents are struggling with home schooling, but at least everyone is alive and healthy under your roof – safe.
COVID scares me as I worry about bringing it home or catching it myself. The future is not guaranteed, but all I can do is put one foot in front of the other, be vigilant with PPE and hand hygiene, smile through my eyes as no one can see my smile through my mask, and hope that I can ease some of the fear and anxiety from my patients and their family members. If everyone does what is recommended hopefully this will be over soon. Because as I spend my days taking care of your family, which I am happy to do, I miss my own. I have not seen them in a very long time because of the fear that I am going to get them sick, and because of social distancing. Like many front line workers, I live alone during this time and I miss normal life just as much as ever. I am extremely grateful for my work family as our support for each other has increased more than ever.